3 ways you can get involved in Travel Agent Awareness

We are excited for Travel Agent Awareness Day next Monday, February 1st!  By now, you probably know that the theme is "Ask An Agent," but maybe you’re wondering exactly how you can get involved.

Get creative! Here are 3 actionable ideas to get you started:

  1. Create a short video response. A video answering the public’s questions is a fun way to engage your audience, and it is the single best way to increase your reach on Facebook and other social platforms. It doesn’t have to be long - 1 to 5 minutes is best.  Be sure to also upload them to Youtube and your website!
  2. Get your local media involved. It’s not too late to send out a last-minute press release (you can download a free template here) or send an email to your local TV station or newspaper. Assignment editors often have a need for a last-minute story idea.

  3. Use your database. Include a blurb in your weekly newsletter or send a “special bulletin” email to your database to solicit questions. Create a sense of urgency in your subject line to increase your open rates and generate more questions.

And be sure to use the hashtags #TravelAgentAwareness and #AskAnAgent.  We'll be going through the posts and will feature your success stories in future promotions!