Why Do I Keep Attracting the Wrong Clients?

Do you have trouble attracting the right type of clients? Tired of tire-kickers and chapped by cheapos? Do your leads price shop your quotes or fall off the face of the earth after you send them a proposal?

Perhaps it is your messaging.

Take a moment right now to visit your website - it’s okay; I’ll wait.

Back? Okay.

What did you see on your site?

Is your homepage littered with advertisements, announcing specials, discounts, and offering the lowest price?

Or is it more subtle? Does the wording on your website inform them that you are the place for the lowest price?

But you’re frustrated when you attract clients who are solely focused on price and cheap deals.

See the connection?

Here’s the thing about price: if you’re competing on offering the cheapest deal, you will always lose.


Online travel agencies (OTAs) like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity, and big box retailers like Costco, exist for a reason. They are for the price-sensitive consumer. They sell travel in huge numbers, and require billions of dollars in revenue in order to stay profitable.

Instead, compete on value.

There are a number of ways to do this. Consider one (or several) of these ideas:

Define your niche or specialty  

When you have a unique angle, it’s hard for anyone - including the OTAs - to compete on that. Become specialized in a destination, a specific type of travel, or a unique demographic. Your messaging will become crystal clear and will resonate with the types of clients you actually want to attract.

But to be clear, when you specialize, you actually need to specialize. "Groups" is not a niche. Even "family travel," "Disney," or "LGBT" is not all that specific. 

When picking a niche or specialty, consider Who, What, and Where. 

Using the above examples, none of which are very strong, you could combine them. For instance, you could say, "I design unforgettable Disney vacations for LGBT families." 

Instead of "culinary" travel, consider specializing further. You could say, "I specialize in tropical culinary tourism, between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn." That keeps you broad enough to offer trips to flavorful destinations around the globe, but specific enough to be unique. 

THOSE are niches that people can gravitate toward!

Put the cherry on top

When you surprise and delight your clients, they will remember that - and they will talk!

One of my favorite brunch spots includes a Pop Tart with every one of their meals. It’s quirky, delicious, and I love that little touch! When I take out-of-town guests to the restaurant, it makes for a hilarious little surprise when their food arrives at the table.

Think of extra touches that can set your agency apart - perhaps a personalized letter upon arrival at each hotel? If you specialize in culinary travel, perhaps a bottle of your favorite wine over the holidays to thank your best clientele?

It’s these little touches that will keep your ideal clients coming back to you time and again - and singing your praises to their friends and family.

Find your customer’s problem, and then fix it. 

This one requires you to get in the mind of your ideal customer and understand their pain points - their problems - and then offer a solution.

Is your ideal client so overwhelmed by their wedding plans that they can’t even begin to plan their own honeymoon? Help them take this piece of stress off their plate!

Or are they frustrated by their own lackluster travel photos? Then arrange for a photoshoot with Flytographer! It’s in understanding your ideal client’s underlying problem and then offering a solution.

If you’re frustrated by the types of people who contact you who are not helping you to actively build your travel business, then I hope you’ll join us for Travel Agent Awareness week. We’ll be providing in-depth, tangible solutions to building a successful travel business, and providing solutions to common challenges.

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