Identifying Your Ideal Client (Plus a Free Worksheet!)

So often, when I ask someone who their ideal client is, the most common responses are relatively vague. “My ideal client is 40-65,” “families,” “wine drinkers,” and so on.

If you chase two rabbits, you'll catch neither - travel agent awareness

Sound familiar?

The problem is that if we aren’t clear on our ideal client, then we aren’t clear on the messaging that will resonate with them. If you’re trying to communicate to a broad swath of people, then nobody will really be drawn to your messaging. As the saying goes, “if you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither.”

Download our free ideal client profile worksheet with questions to answer to get crystal clear on who, exactly your ideal client is! After you’ve filled it out, craft a detailed story around your answers and bring your ideal client to life!

From there, your ideal client will quite literally answer questions to your various questions as a travel business owner. They will tell you what content to write about, what voice to use, and if you’re debating between two things - ask your ideal client what they would want.

I think you’ll find this to be one of those fun exercises that makes a BIG difference in how you approach your business.

Who is your ideal client? What other pieces of information would you add to the ideal client profile? Leave a comment!