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Moon Meme!

Happy Travel Agent Awareness Week! We are just days away from the main event coming up this Wednesday, May 4! 

Our friend Catherine Heeg, from Customized Management Solutions, stopped by to share a short video with 3 tips on creating better images for your social media:

Catherine also put together an inspirational image that you are free to share with your own social networks (thanks, Catherine!). Simply right-click the image below and click "save as." Feel free to use in your own social media posts, blogs, etc. 

As an extra "bonus," Catherine also included several additional images on a Travel Agent Awareness Pinterest board she created!

Thanks for your support of Travel Agent Awareness, and be sure to use the hashtag #TravelAgentAwareness, so we can see all of your great posts! As a reminder, we'll be highlighting some of your creative posts in future campaigns.

Most Interesting Man in the World Meme! (Plus a bonus "inside joke" for travel agents)

This week's meme was created by Travel Agent Awareness Founder and Co-Organizer, Leila Coe!  It was just announced recently by Dos Equis that The Most Interesting Man in the World is retiring, but he is still a wildly-popular, shareable meme. To save these memes, simply right-click and "save as."

She also put together a bonus meme as an "inside joke" that we as travel professionals might get a kick out of!

Online Travel Bargain Meme!

Sure, that online travel deal your clients are considering looks like a good deal, until you get there and see your view overlooks the dumpster instead of the ocean. Doesn't seem like such a bargain after all, does it?

Use this meme on your own social media (right-click & "save as") and make people aware of your value as travel agents - or, rather - travel consultants. Be sure to add the kinds of hashtags your clients might us to see your posts on Instagram and Twitter (also tag us with #travelagents and #travelagentawareness).

Nolan also has a ton of good travel posts you can use for free over here.


Keep Calm Meme!

Our second free meme is inspired by the famous "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, with a travel agent twist! Get your copy (right click, "save image as") and spread the word to your fans and followers! Be sure to use #TravelAgentAwareness.

 Just 3 weeks until the next Travel Agent Awareness Day on May 4...

Grumpy Cat Meme!

As promised, here is your first free downloadable meme to celebrate Travel Agent Awareness Day's "Meme May"!

Feel free to download this meme (right click, "save as") and be sure to tag us using #TravelAgentAwareness!